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Companies from all industries have one thing in common: the standards and methodologies they are obligated to implement in some cases. Just like you might believe since long ago, some parameters and standards are regulatory whenever you own a company and want to continue operating.

And these standards or methodologies are usually stricter when it comes to production, manufacturing, or fabrication. Therefore, if you own a company that is focused on the production and the improvement in its processes is quite important for its future or continue operating today, you will be interested in this.

Capability Maturity Model Integration is a methodology that consists of 5 different levels, and it is a mandatory and regulatory option that companies from all industries need to follow. When it comes to what it is about and what it consists, it’s quite simple: improvement in your management system, mostly, the one aiming for quality and processes in your production.

It is quite easy to understand the methodology when you read a few minutes about it. Or if you know quite well what management system is all about and how crucial is to always improve for the sake of your company’s future. In the case of CMMI, it is quite a task from both parties: you and the organization that will provide you with support and certification once you meet all levels and requirements.

It is quite hard to go through the entire maturity process that starts right at the moment when your company is unstable, can’t remain reliable and its future doesn’t seem quite promising for some clients. And this moment applies for new companies that are just starting or those that after a lot of effort has reached this point despite everything.

That being said, even when CMMI is a formal regulatory for companies from all industries, some still don’t integrate it into their processes. Since there are several certifications you need before, during, and after starting to operate, you must worry about more than one at a time. In the case of this methodology, you can find yourself integrating it at any moment or when the organization that regulates everything starts to request it from your business.

We know, this is a lot to process and there is still a lot of information you need to learn and know about. But you can go step by step with us and our support. To implement this methodology, our company ISO Pros is available to give support, auditing, and consulting but more importantly, we are a validated company that can provide certification. In a few words, we will make sure you get certified in this program once you have gone through all levels and remain at level 5.

Why is it important to know about Capability Maturity Model Integration?

Because it brings benefits and positive elements to your company. Overall, companies underestimate how crucial and relevant the standards and programs established by an organization are. And they are usually confused about one aspect as well: they are necessary not because they are random parameters to follow but rather boost your company and, in this case, its production.

Since CMMI is aiming for a quality management system and making sure your company is able to have an improvement in its performance overall, it is never a bad idea to integrate it. If you ask us a personal question and expect our experts to answer with a direct and proper reply about if you should implement it or not regardless of it being mandatory, they and we will answer “yes” all the time. The name of this methodology goes quite well with what you can achieve with it since the maturity level of your company is the one at stake.

After all, you will be handling the entire processes, steps, and stages in which you will notice the improvement of your company in different aspects:

  • The quality of the products will increase.
  • Your efficiency and productiveness will get better.
  • Your company will be able to reduce the operative costs and product prices.
  • Improvement and the previous three aspects allow you to grow and boost your company’s performance in order to add or provide more options and products.

You might find it a bit hard to understand at the beginning, and we are aware that CMMI can be a hard methodology to deal with since it isn’t something that takes a couple of days. Instead, it requires weeks or months to make it happen and reach the final level, and—in some cases—even years depending on the company. However, whenever someone asks us about the methodology and its integration, we answer the same: you should not worry about the time it takes to implement it.

After all, the levels will represent the growth of your business and you will go into the next phase when it is time and your company is ready. Of course, the sooner you do this, it means your company is growing faster and efficiently. However, if you take longer or more time than expected, that does not mean you are going in the right direction as long as you are not obtaining negative results from the process.

Why is our company, ISO Pros, relevant in this matter?

Because we are the ones you need for guidance, consulting, support but mostly, to get certified in this program. Our company works with several standards and ISOs that are always changed, modified, or created. However, CMMI doesn’t qualify as one since it is a different program and methodology that doesn’t follow a specific ISO. 

Therefore, people always ask us the previous question, after all, our name says a lot about what we do and can help you with. Now, since this method is quite a specific and unique one that is out of the ISO standards you might be—or not—familiar with, that doesn’t mean our company can’t handle it. We have quite the information, and our company is validated to provide CMMI certification. 

Although companies usually believe there is no certification for this program since the final level—five—consists of continuous improvement, it is quite the opposite. Once you go through all levels thanks to our assistance and help, the rest of the improvements come from you and your ability with the company. In a few words, the continuous improvements will be possible thanks to the knowledge you have acquired during the time you’ve invested in CMMI. And also, thanks to the documentation and criteria you will obtain from observing and working in pro of your processes and operations.

Should you prioritize it before other programs and standards?

CMMI has an important role in guaranteeing improvements that will ensure the high-quality of your products and items. 

In the ISO world, several standards can allow you to do this depending on the company you are in. However, ISO 9001 is the main one and from where you will obtain several standards. In simpler words, they come from 9001. That being said, Capability Maturity Model Integration is quite a different process—as mentioned before.

And this is not only for the name or origin but rather because of how it works. Instead of being focused on only improving the quality of the product and guaranteeing its state, it looks for the entire improvement of the process. Which means you will notice positive changes in the entire production process and cycle, not only in specific elements and aspects of the company.

Since CMMI starts its levels right at the moment when a company isn’t operating properly nor stable, it is easy to follow up with its growth. Now, even if you decide to implement it and begin on a different level—which doesn’t happen too often—it will still be useful and simple when you follow the guidelines. This is where our company always comes in handy and acts as more than a simpler organization that will give you a certification.

We will make sure to customize the guidelines and allow you to obtain the desired results with the program. In this way, you will obtain only benefits and progress with the integration of this methodology.

There is a lot to process with it, and we are sure that it won’t take a short period of time to get used to it nor implement this method. Getting focused on the crucial elements—whatsoever—is what you need to worry about when it comes to CMMI. Therefore, make sure you are able to take the time in your company to dedicate it to its implementation.

After all, standards, ISOs, normative, programs, methodologies, and many other things that qualify as similar, require time and a lot of dedication to obtain the results you want and need for your business. Now, before continuing, keep in mind that this methodology focuses on companies that fabricate or produce items only.

This means that the only people that usually implement it are those in the ambit of producing and fabricating. When it comes to the industry, it does not matter what type of product or item you produce. With the right customization and goal, you can go for it and get the improvements.

For this, our company will help you to determine the changes you need to make and allow you to meet all the requirements set and established in the process. Although they are not formal or standard requirements such as in normative or ISOs, it is a bit simple to have an idea when you have the right experts and auditors for it.

Can you get in contact with us anytime?

Yes, you can. We are a company available all year round and we don’t have limits for the business that requires our services. You can contact us and let us know your inquiries depending on what you have in mind and what you need. 

For this, we have made sure to provide different ways to get in touch with one of our experts and validated auditors. Also, you’re more than welcome to visit the rest of our sections in order to obtain more information before deciding to reach out to us or not. However, we assure you that contacting us will be a good idea and you will notice it right after having one of our experts attending your inquiries and worries. 

To get more information about our experts, services, and certifications, make sure to visit the rest of our websites and have a look at all the elements we have available. In this way, it will be easier for you to not only understand better how our company works but also have a good idea about what you need from us. At ISO Pros, we are waiting for you.